Solar heating & cooling  technologies collect the thermal energy from the sun and use this heat to provide hot water, space heating, cooling, and poolheating for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These technologies displace the need to use electricity, gas fuels or other fuel sources.

Why use solar heating?

  • Solar heat is environmentally friendly. Solar heat does not pollute or create greenhouse gases. It helps conserve the earth’s energy resources.
  • Solar is as pure, clean and safe as you can get. It is a great health choice for people with allergy problems or chemical sensitivities.
  • Solar heating does not use flammable materials in your house. It will be free of fuel odors and there will be lower electromagnetic fields.
  • Solar heating is stable in price. Even better, you can realize more stability in your budget when you don’t have to worry about inflation and political influences that commonly rock the fuel market pricing.

There are several options available for solar heating, including radiant floor (space) heating,  water heating ,  air conditioning and pool heating.

Radiant Floor Heating

Underfloor radiant heating in general is enjoying resurgence in popularity because of the benefits of comfort and energy efficiency.

Now, for alternative energy, radiant heating is becoming the method of choice for space heating because it enables low temperature operation which is important for solar energy collection and also because the solar energy can be stored efficiently within a radiant system.

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for water heating using a solar thermal collector. In order to heat water using solar energy, a collector (storage tank), often fastened to a roof or a wall facing the sun, heats a working fluid that is either pumped (active system) or driven by natural convection (passive system) through it.