Preferred Boilers- sold, installed and serviced by Presby Energy

Since 1939, Boyertown has specialized in heating industry products, offering a variety of both residential and commercial boilers, burners and control products.

Buderus boilers, water heaters and controls are designed and built to outlast conventional heating systems. Since 1825 Buderus has been developing new heating technologies. In fact, Buderus produced the world’s first low-temperature hydronic heating systems. Today, Buderus products are acknowledged as the world standard in high-efficiency, low emission hydronic heating. All Buderus products are designed to meet strict safety, efficiency and environmental regulations.

HTP is an American heating and hot water manufacturer that strives to make the most efficient, user friendly products on the market today. HTP product offerings include Space Heating options, Water Heating options, Indirect Water Heating, Combination Appliances, Comfort Solutions and Solar product options.

A hydronic heating system is both practical and efficient. It is also quite versatile, allowing you to heat your home with conventional radiators or baseboards as well as providing you with the ability to add other unique heating options to your system such as fulfilling your domestic water heating needs. Another extremely beneficial aspect of hydronic systems is the ability to divide your home into heating zones. This allows you to control the heat in each of these zones with separate thermostats – a great benefit when heating multiple story homes.

Thermo Pride
Thermo Pride, for over 50 years, stands for durability, quiet operation and high efficiency. Thermo Pride has concentrated on high quality, crafting products; which last while providing the reliable service and comfort people value. Thermo Pride is designed and built better to last longer. Thermo Pride is an Energy Star® Partner.