Presby Energy, Inc, is a family owned and operated company that has deep roots in the North Country. Presby Energy, Inc., formerly Stevenson oil founded in 1959, was purchased in 2006 and has expanded its services. In addition to Home Heating Oil and Kerosene delivery, we now offer sales and installation of new heating systems, 24-hour burner service, and 24-hour on and off road diesel pumps. In 2016 Presby Plumbing & Heating was born following the purchase of JC Plumbing & Heating . We welcome aboard all customers and look forward to serving you as well.

Whether we are delivering, installing, and selling/promoting home heating oil, kerosene or diesel; installing heating systems and water heaters by our N.O.R.A. Certified Burner Technicians; or promoting the newest addition of green energy products; Presby Plumbing & Heating strives to provide a level of service that fully satisfies the customer’s needs and exceeds their expectations.


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by maintaining it with a yearly tune-up.

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